About Us

Kisuma is the steadfast enabler that empowers so many industries. From window profiles, to vehicles, food packaging, flooring, textiles, and even 5G networking technology, our products play a crucial role.

Our ingredients, though often used in larger formulas, deliver outsized improvements: making products more durable, raising food quality, minimising environmental-footprints, making vehicles more reliable, safe and long-lasting, and ensuring that communication technologies are future-ready.  

Our vision

Kisuma exists to empower industrial producers to create ever better solutions through our unmatched chemical expertise. We deliver, in every respect—from innovation, to quality, to consistency. Customers and end-users alike can rely on Kisuma to create and supply ingredients that make a lasting difference to the way we live, the way we innovate and the way we preserve our planet for the future. There are always better ways of doing things, and Kisuma are at the forefront of finding them. 

Global presence  

Kisuma operates across 10 locations spread around various parts of the world. This network enables us to be close and responsive to our customers, a crucial part of our service which ensures we deliver the right product at the right price in a timely and efficient manner.  

Creating progress

We are a producer of compounds for key industries and play a major role in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We have developed products that help farmers to increase yield and nutritional value with environmentally friendly products. We also develop technologies that allow industries to de-carbonise. Our speciality solutions are unparalleled, and they positively impact your life every day, whether or not you know it! 


Company established




Workforce dedicated to research & development


Offices worldwide

Our history

Immediately after the war in 1947, when the city was still recovering, the factory was established by Matsushima Ryohei on the rubble of a salt field in Takamatsu, Japan with only a handful of employees. In 1950 while witnessing poverty at the Osaka Port during the Great Depression, Matsushima Yoshio, who later became Kyowa’s first president, swore “It is wrong that people have to endure such hardship. We must provide opportunities for our employees and their families! We must succeed!” This determination and spirit fuelled the start of a pilot plant that produced Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Hydroxide.   

In 1951, resources and equipment were difficult to obtain. At that time, sake barrels were scarcely being used by the breweries. Intuitively, Kyowa (which would later become known as Kisuma) determined that the sake barrels could be used as tanks for raw materials. These became the first tanks used as storage for bittern.  Consistent production growth proved to Mr. Matsushima that Kyowa could be a successful and sustainable business. 

On Thursday, September 17, 1952, Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was officially established.   

1950 - 1970s

Opening of Yashima Plant and Tokyo Office


Innovators at heart, Kyowa began the start of Dried aluminum hydroxide gel production.


Opening of Sakaide Plant


Kyowa becomes the first company in the world to be successful in the industrial synthesis of hydrotalcites.


Start of DHT-4A™ production, a halogen scavenger for polyolefins and other plastics

1980 - 1990s

Start of ALCAMIZER™ production, a heat stabilizer for PVC


Start of KISUMA™ 5 production, an inorganic flame retardant.


Opening of new R&D center in Sakaide


Initiation of production at Kisuma Chemicals B.V., the Netherlands. Sale of Magmitt™ started

Early 2000s

Establishment of Pharmaceuticals Division.


Operation of Dandong Songyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China) commenced.


Opening of Sakaide Second Plant.


KISUMA AMERICAS INC. opened in the United States of America. KISUMA ASIA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. opened in Singapore.




Kisuma Food Service Co.,Ltd. opened in Japan.


Mr. Koji Kinoshita appointed as new Representative Director CEO  Kyowa takes over 100% of Dandong Songyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. and changes its corporate name to Kisuma (Dandong) Advanced Materials Tech. Co., Ltd.   Relocation of Head Office from Sakaide to Takamatsu. 


Opening of Pilot Plant and new laboratory for controlled release products in Veendam, Netherlands.

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