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Construction & Industrial

As the world transitions to a more sustainable building stock, the need for materials that support public health and wellbeing is growing. Kisuma has a range of solutions helping to address these challenges, enabling development of materials that are safer, more durable, and better for the environment.

Key features

  • Supporting sustainable buildings and industrial processes

  • Enabling more durable materials to reduce maintenance interval and costs

  • Providing solutions to ensure sustainable alternatives meet safety requirements

Non-toxic heat stabilization

Across Europe, heavy-metal heat stabilization systems are being phased out. Kisuma, thanks to our pioneering development of optimized halogen scavenging hydrotalcites for use in lead-free systems, has enabled this transition to happen. With Kisuma's many non-toxic alternatives to metal-based stabilizers, we are reshaping the industry to shift away from reliance on harmful materials such as lead and tin. Our extremely effective acid scavengers substantially delay the onset of degradation in PVC widely used in construction, which ultimately extends maintenance intervals and reduces costs.

There is also a movement to replace liquid-based stabilizer systems with solid based stabilizer one-pack solutions which further reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours in final products. All of these solid based one-pack stabilizer systems require Kisuma’s high quality additives in their formulations.

Pushing boundaries

With our ideal product portfolios, we are tackling a range of customer needs and supplying the construction sector, PVC stabilizer producers, compounders, in-house stabilizer manufacturers and end product fabricators. We pioneered our product ranges in response to the trend towards non-toxic stabilizers – our state-of-the-art factory in the Netherlands is the single largest production site for synthetic hydrotalcites in the world. In addition to pioneering stabilizers, Kisuma has also developed a range of halogen-free flame retardants for use in various construction and industrial applications.

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Specific applications in this category

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Isolation Panels

Many isolation panels are made of polystyrene foams such as expanded polystyrene (EPS). Here, our DHT™-4 range represents the ideal stabilizer additive for halogenated flame retardants, including brominated polymeric flame retardant.

Suitable products

DHT-4A™ DHT™-4V DHT-4A™-2
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Wire & Cables

Kisuma supplies stabilizing additives designed to assist very demanding applications. Key products for cables used in construction and industrial sectors include ALCAMIZER™, DHT™-4 and the KISUMA™ 5 portfolio of flame retardants.

Suitable products

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Pipe & Fittings

For pipes made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) polymers, Kisuma’s DHT™-4 range provides long-term stabilization and protection against degradation caused by exposure to water purification chemicals. Our ALCAMIZER™ product range supports stabilization of polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipes.

Suitable products

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Wood Plastic Composites

Wood plastic composites, comprising wood fiber or wood flour and thermoplastics such as PE or PP, are commonly used in construction and industrial activities. Here, products including DHT-4A™, DHT™-4V, DHT™-4C can protect key additives such as antioxidants and UV from harmful effects caused by carboxylic acid in the wood fiber/wood flower. This increases weatherability and durability.

Suitable products

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Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (C.A.S.E.)

Products in the DHT™-4 range can function as stabilizers of raw materials or finished products. For paint coatings, these additives provide anti-corrosion, shelf-life extension, improved weatherability, and stain and blooming reduction benefits.

Suitable products

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Wall Coverings & Flooring

PVC wall coverings and vinyl flooring are found in many buildings. To help make wall coverings thermally stable, a PVC Calcium Zinc stabilizer is used – this commonly contains either ALCAMIZER™ 1 or ALCAMIZER™ P93. ALCAMIZER™ 1 is also an important component of Calcium Zinc based stabilizer systems for PVC used in luxury vinyl floor tiles.

Suitable products

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Injection Molding

Kisuma’s DHT™-4 range of additives also serve multiple purposes in industrial injection molding applications, including crates, pallets and bins.

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