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Packaging is a crucial sector that provides protection, safety, design, usability and sustainability to materials that each of us are using on a daily basis. At Kisuma, we stepped up to the plate by introducing solutions that enable the development of materials that fulfil all these needs and more.

Key features

  • Enabling lightweight plastic packaging solutions resulting in reduction of CO2

  • Our products ensure the best aesthetic and protective properties

  • Kisuma products widely acknowledged to have superior processing features leading to uncompromised quality

  • Suitable for variety of plastics meeting plastic circularity goals

Boosting performance

Plastics are some of the most common packaging materials for many reasons—they are low-cost, lightweight, with strong chemical and biological resistance and excellent workability, making them ideal for several types of packaging. Stabilization and functional additives have been used for many years to ensure plastics perform in each specific packaging application, meeting the end consumer needs and plastic converters processing requirements. Hydrotalcite-like materials including Kisuma's DHT™-4 product range are crucial for irreversible acid catalyst residue scavenging, and have also shown large synergy with other additives boosting their performance. 

Contributing to a more sustainable packaging sector

As well as seeking performance enhancing solution, the packaging industry is also looking for innovative ways to become more sustainable. Kisuma continues to respond to this global challenge.  

DHT™-4 products enable the development of BOPE films with optimal surface treatment properties such as corona treatment, metallization and printing. As many brand owners and converters are looking for Design for Recycling solutions, BOPE films allow transformation of multilayer packaging materials such as PET/PE laminates into mono polyethylene structures that perform with a better recycling profile.

Kisuma additives are unparalleled in quality in the plastics additives space.

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Specific applications in this category

Specific applications in this category Thumb

DHT™-4 is an ideal additive range to support several flexible packaging solutions. For example, raffia formulations often comprise a low water-carry-over (WCO) additive package – this makes the DHT™-4 mechanism of acid scavenging the perfect match as it does not contribute to water-carry-over.

Suitable products

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Rigid Packaging

For polyolefin producers, Kisuma’s DHT™-4 acid scavengers serve many purposes across thin wall injection molding, extrusion blow molding and injection stretch blow molding processes, replacing conventional acid scavengers in order to optimize overall migration limits, physical properties and aesthetics.

Suitable products

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Polyolefin Films

Owing to DHT™-4 being non-migratory, film surfaces can be optimized for key processing steps such as metallization, corona/plasma treatments, printing and lamination, all of which are crucial for the function and integrity of packaging.

Suitable products

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DHT™-4 can be used as an alternative acid scavenger to calcium-stearate to solve blooming effect issues that occur in thermoforming – this results in superior optics and better overall surface properties such as printability and sealability.

Suitable products

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