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Packaging is a crucial sector that provides protection, safety, design, usability and sustainability to materials that each of us are using on a daily basis. At Kisuma, we stepped up to the plate by introducing solutions that enable the development of materials which fulfil all these needs and more.

Key features

  • Enabling lightweight plastic packaging solutions resulting in reduction of CO2

  • Our products ensure the best aesthetic and protective properties

  • Kisuma products widely acknowledged to have superior processing features leading to uncompromised quality

  • Suitable for variety of plastics meeting plastic circularity goals


The automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Electrification, lightweighting, requirements for higher recycled plastics content, increasingly complex electronic systems, Kisuma is at the forefront of innovation. Kisuma has the keys to helping the automotive industry navigate these and any other obstacles down the road.

Key features

  • Giving OEM producers tools to select alternatives for lighter and lower cost materials

  • Providing plastics thermal stability required for high-heat applications

  • Our high-purity materials provide the best electrical resistivity


From medical tubes, syringes, to blood bags and disposables, the healthcare sector is heavily dependent on safe and reliable plastic solutions. As a producer of pharmaceutical materials including API’s, we deeply understand the needs of the industry. This resulted in development of products uniquely equipped to allow the medical plastic industry to meet stringent requirements.

Key features

  • Supporting the safe and secure production of medical devices

  • Enabling plastic producers to meet the most stringent migration requirements

  • Compatible with medical laboratory testing procedures


With increasing global population, the agricultural sector is playing a vital role for society. In order to stay on par with market and regulatory requirements, the sector depends heavily on technologically advanced materials to optimize yields in the most sustainable way. Kisuma is helping to address these trends by offering sustainable, durable, efficient solutions.

Key features

  • Increasing the chemical resistance of agricultural plastics to increase lifespan

  • Optimizing applications by allowing plastics to replace less efficient materials

  • Reducing water consumption through innovative plastic irrigation systems

  • Cutting-edge technologies which increase crop yields and nutritional value

Construction & Industrial

As the world transitions to a more sustainable building stock, the need for materials that support public health and wellbeing is growing. Kisuma has a range of solutions helping to address these challenges, enabling development of materials that are safer, more durable and better for the environment.

Key features

  • Supporting sustainable buildings and industrial processes

  • Enabling more durable materials to reduce maintenance interval and costs

  • Providing solutions to ensure sustainable alternatives meet safety requirements

Lifestyle & Textiles

More durable materials, recycling ability and efficient processing are needed to reduce environmental footprint of the lifestyle and textile industries. Kisuma materials are uniquely suitable to rise to the challenge by improving the properties of materials such as fibers and artificial leather.

Key features

  • Supporting the production of robust and reliable textile products

  • Imparting properties to plastics enabling replacement of environmentally challenged materials

  • Improved fiber processibility and final properties such as aesthetics

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