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DHT™-4 is the flagship of our branded range of synthetic hydrotalcite-like materials. It is considered to be the industry’s gold standard for deactivation of acidic residues in polyolefins. Through irreversible deactivation of acidic substances, DHT™-4 ensures your polymers are protected and will perform to their full potential. Our products protect your assets from corrosion, prevent deactivation of functional additives, increase hydrolytic stability and improve organoleptic properties. 

Key features

  • 3x more effective than traditional acid scavengers  

  • Global technical- and food contact approvals

  • Perfect for acid scavenging for polymer production and processing 

DHT™-4 is superior compared to alternative acid scavengers

DHT™-4 is the perfect material for acid scavenging in polymer production and processing. Thanks to it’s potency, DHT™-4 can be used at low dosage levels which ensures polymer physical- and optical properties are unaffected.
Unique dispersion and material properties minimizes the chance on gels, specks and defects resulting in superior optical properties translated into improved haze, gloss, and transparency properties. DHT™-4 has an impeccable track record of quality over many decades, providing customers peace of mind.  

The sophisticated acid-capturing mechanism of DHT™-4 does not yield any negative by-products. Therefore, contrary to conventional acid scavengers, DHT™-4 does not contribute to migration or water-carry-over effects. This makes DHT™-4 particularly suitable for usage in materials that are bonded to other surfaces, such as metallized films. This feature of DHT™-4 also allows development of cleaner polymers for medical applications.

DHT™-4 products also fit ideally in low water-carry-over additive packages, such as those used in polyolefin raffia applications and rubber compounds which may be sensitive to swelling.

The perfect solution for you 

The performance properties of hydrotalcites depend mainly on their chemical composition, so precise process control over material conditions is vital to ensure consistently high quality. DHT™-4 products are produced using automated processes that are carefully monitored by our quality control system to ensure your products retain superior performance and product features.

Applications by solutions

Deactivation of residual acidic substances from the polymerization process used to produce polyolefins.
Protection of functional additives, such as phenolic and phosphite antioxidants and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) from deactivation.
Scavenging of free halogen ions deriving from radicals in halogenated flame retardants.
Acid acceptor in halogenated rubbers such as CR, CSM, FKM and NBR, where high water resistance or chemical resistance is required.
Capturing residual acids in maleic anhydride grafted polymers, improving organoleptic properties and corrosion problems.
Rendering acids originating from monomers in bioplastics inert, increasing hydrolytic stability.

DHT™-4 Products

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The industry standard, used widely in all types of polymer formulations for primary or additional stabilization

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Equivalent to DHT-4A™, but surface treated with RSPO certified vegetable based agent.

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Improved thermal stability for more demanding applications.

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Highest thermal stability for high temperature applications, also the most potent acid scavenger + free of stearate.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of DHT™-4 products. We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.