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Lifestyle & Textiles

More durable materials, recycling ability and efficient processing are needed to reduce environmental footprint of the textile industry. Kisuma materials are uniquely suitable to rise to the challenge by improving the properties of materials such as fibers and artificial leather.

Key features

  • Supporting the production of robust and reliable textile products

  • Imparting properties to plastics enabling replacement of environmentally challenged materials

  • Improved fiber processibility and final properties such as aesthetics

A new age for textile products

Seeking better functionality, durability, and performance of textiles, has for a long time necessitated the use of environmentally problematic materials. As the world has woken up to the need to protect and defend our environment, the industry has sought alternative ways of getting these results. With a stronger focus on the environment, Kisuma's additives aim to focus on planet friendly products without sacrificing quality.

Meeting a variety of needs

Kisuma, through its ALCAMIZER™ and DHT™-4 additive ranges, is supporting several plastic applications needs in the lifestyle and textile products sectors. For example, in the textiles space, DHT™-4 is used to protect the integrity of various types of swimwear by strengthening the performance of spandex. Housewares, artificial leathers and coated fabrics used in the production of tents and tarpaulins are also other common use cases for our additives. With greater need for smoke suppression and flame retardancy, KISUMA™ 5 excels in all of these areas, putting safety at the forefront of its innovation. Enabling the industry to move to more sustainable and responsible processes is crucial, but the aesthetic and processability gains are the icing on the cake!

Pushing performance limits

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Polyolefin fiber formulations Thumb

Specific applications in this category

Specific applications in this category Thumb

Spandex is a polyether-polyurea copolymer that is sensitive to degradation by chlorine that is used in swimming pools. Here, Kisuma hydrotalcites are used to stabilize the fibers and protect integrity of swimwear.

Suitable products

DHT-4A™ DHT™-4V DHT-4A™-2
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Artificial Leather

PVC stabilizers are important components in the development of artificial leather. The base textile is infused with PVC plastisol to improve the performance of the end product – this allows the products to be used in outdoor applications due to their enhanced weathering performance.

Suitable products

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DHT™-4 is a superior alternative acid scavenger to calcium-stearate and is used in combination with nucleators and clarifiers in the production of numerous housewares. This leads to optimized physical and optical properties, as well as reduced migration.

Suitable products

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Flexible PVC/Plastisol

The base textiles used to produce coated fabrics such as tents and tarpaulins are immersed with PVC plastisol to improve the performance of the end product and enable it to be used in outdoor applications. Kisuma’s ALCAMIZER™ 1 is an ideal additive to help boost weathering properties.

Suitable products

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